Exec Applications

2021 Executive Applications


Applications for the 2021-2022 Sunshine Education Executive have opened. We are looking for 2-3 dedicated individuals entering grades 9-12 who are hard-working and enthusiastic about education.

Two roles are open for application. We are looking for 1-2 standard executives. They will carry out the same responsibilities as current execs.

We are also looking for 1 executive specializing in design. This exec will be have similar responsibilities as standard execs, with the added job of running both the website and social media.

Executives need to be committed to the team, be positive and open-minded, and have strong vision and interest in what the organization does.


Written application due August 10 (deadline extended)

Written applications processed and interview candidates selected

Interviews conducted during the week of August 13

Final applicants selected and join team in September


Executives must fulfill these responsibilities:


  • Show up to all weekly meetings (unless a conflict comes up, in which case, the rest of the team should be notified)
  • Contribute ideas and vision to discussions and decisions
  • Work on tasks outside of meeting time

Event planning 

  • Plan events with a partner exec (at least 3 event cycles per year)
  • Run events: showing up, taking attendance, leading, and teaching (if necessary)
  • Organize event registration and answer questions regarding events


  • Email other organizations (i.e. Youth Central, the CBE, etc.) that can help with promotion
  • Email locations for venues
  • Emailing guest speakers and volunteers

Design exec specific responsibilities:

  • Design and post social media posts (posts for Instagram, posters for WeChat)
  • Run website (update event pages, make it look pretty)


Apply by August 10 (deadline extended):


Note: Design applicants and standard applicants fill out the same form. Design applicants are the only ones that should submit a supplemental design work at the end of the form.