Our Team

Joseph Liang

Joseph is a grade 12 partial IB student at Sir Winston Churchill High School. He loves the challenge of learning and discovering new subjects and skills, but he loves sharing that discovery with others even more! Outside of school, he debates competitively, and he has achieved results on provincial, national, and international levels. He also plays the violin and loves all things music (he can’t live without Kpop and Taylor Swift!).

Email me: joseph.ruozhuo.liang@gmail.com

Xincong Li

Xincong is a Grade 12 IB student at Western Canada High School. She is passionate about being involved in the community, loves debating, and is an avid volunteer. She enjoys learning about various subjects of interest, as well as assisting others learn. Xincong has won awards with the CJHMC and Young Writers of Canada. Other interests of hers are dance, science, and watching cat videos.

Email me: xincong.xl@gmail.com

Ivy Deng

Ivy is currently a grade 11 IB student at Western Canada High School. She loves to learn, especially when it comes to math and English. As she has a passion for English, she has attended multiple summer writing camps and has led many reading clubs. Additionally, Ivy is passionate about contributing to the school community, being an active member of Western Canada’s Model UN club. Some of Ivy’s other interests include badminton, camping, and various outdoor sports. Additionally, she really loves dogs . If you get her one, she will be forever grateful!

Email me: ivyy.dengg@gmail.com

Jamie Gao

Him in the future tbh

Email me: Jamie.gao.first@gmail.com

Sandy Zhao

Sandy is currently a grade 11 IB student at Western Canada High School. She’s deeply passionate about science and has a heart for helping people learn. She has won awards and honors in the Waterloo Gauss contest and the CYSF. Writing has also been a long-term dedication of hers, she believes in the power of words and the beauty of books. Sandy enjoys playing guitar and creating music, she won third place in the Calgary Song Writing Contest. What Sandy enjoys the most is dancing with her hip hop competitive dance crew.

Email me: sandyzhao27@gmail.com

Renee Qu

Email me: renee.qucalgaryab@gmail.com

Our Previous Members

Michelle Deng

Michelle is a grade 12 full-IB student who goes to Western Canada High School. She is passionate about learning, particularly math, English, and business. She has won awards and honours at multiple math contests and attended a business camp (LBW) at the Wharton School. Outside of the classroom, Michelle is a student-athlete, playing volleyball for varsity and club teams. She is the co-founder and president of Vision Youth Sports, an organization that runs programs for youth in Calgary, particularly immigrant and refugee children. Michelle also enjoys paragliding and mountain climbing in the summer.

Email me: michelledeng30@gmail.com

Kevin Zhang

Kevin is a grade 12 full-IB student at Western Canada High School. He’s a STEM student who has represented Team Canada at the International Mathematics Competition, while consistently receiving national awards for various math contests. Kevin has also been invited to summer camps across Canada, where he’s learned topics ranging from quantum computing to mathematics in finance. Outside of school, Kevin is a high school volleyball player, as well as a coach and referee. He also participates in debate and MUN. Kevin hopes to work with every student to help them realize their full potential, and to prepare them to achieve their goals, no matter how diverse they may be.

Email me: kevizhaozhang@gmail.com

Phoebe Yang

Phoebe is a grade 12 full-IB student at Western Canada High School. She enjoys exploring new ideas, and challenging herself. To that end, Phoebe has participated and gained recognition in the CYSF and various math contests. She is also conducting her own research project at the University of Calgary. Aside from pursuing her own passions, Phoebe helps others foster similar interests. She makes contributions within the school community as an executive of Western Canada’s MEDclub, and outside of school as a tutor. Hobbies of Phoebe’s include figure skating, swimming, and curling up on the couch with a new book.

Email me: phoebemingjiayang@gmail.com

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