Let’s Study Together



Kevin Zhang

Kevin, a Grade 12 student at Western Canada High School, is enrolled in the full IB program. He is currently taking Math 35 IB in class, and has averaged 100 in all of his high school math classes. Kevin loves writing math contests, winning gold medals in the Math Kangaroo, Waterloo contests, and has even represented Team Canada in international competitions. However, what really makes Kevin special is his love and passion for mathematics. Kevin has lots of experience working with kids, as he has already started two different math clubs aimed at helping younger students develop their math skills. Kevin is excited to work with some of Calgary and even Canada’s brightest students to help them experience success in one of Canada’s top math contests!

Owen Wang

Owen is a grade 12 student from Sir Winston Churchill High School and enrolled under the full IB program. He has finished both Math 30-1 and Math 31 courses in grade 11 averaging 98 and 100 respectively. Likewise, Owen excels at math contests and has received honors at a national level. His participation in the national physics contest demonstrates his involvement and ability to compete in high level contests and competitions. But more importantly, Owen understands that math is a subject for everyone and enjoys helping his classmates to fully grasp mathematical concepts. With his experience in teaching young students, such as volunteering as a badminton coach, he is more than happy to help work with young students. Owen is passionate and ready to help work with your child!

Tony Shi

Tony is a Grade 12 student at Sir Winston Churchill High School, currently enrolled in the Partial IB program. He has finished with 100 in both Math 30-1 and Math 31. Along with earning numerous awards and honors provincially and nationally, he is interested in the countless applications of mathematics, such as computer science or economics. Through these applications, he hopes to use enlightening strategies to help your student succeed. Tony is proficient in dealing with younger students through previous experiences in tutoring such as volunteering and employment. He is ecstatic to teach young aspiring students the nuances of contest mathematics! 

course outline

This seminar is meant to help prepare grade six to eight students for the University of Calgary’s Junior Math contest. Taught by high school students with plenty of experience writing math contests, they hope to be able to unlock the full potential of some of Calgary’s top mathematics students. Every session, we will go over a set of past Junior Math questions. Be sure to sign up asap!

Class 1

Junior Math Contest 2016

Class 2

Junior Math Contest 2017

Class 3

Junior Math Contest 2018

Class 4

Junior Math Contest 2019


Before each class, please try to complete all part B questions of the next lesson’s contest. All contest questions and solutions can be found at https://science.ucalgary.ca/mathematics-statistics/engagement/educational-outreach/junior-math-contest/archive

Club requirements:

  • Students in Grade 6-8
  • must have the Zoom app

Date & Time

Dates: May 29, June 5, June 12, June 19

Time: Friday, 2:00 – 3:00 pm

  • Club held on Zoom

Spots Remaining: 8


Grace Yang

Hello, I’m Grace! I’m a Grade 12 Full IB student at Western Canada High School. Currently, I am enrolled in English Literature HL, and I hope to share my experience and knowledge of high school English with everyone! I completed my Alberta High School Diploma in January, and am very familiar with the requirements of Alberta high school and IB English. Many people tend to focus on mathematics and the sciences; however, English is a very integral part of all studies, especially in post-secondary. I hope that by helping you prepare for English, you can improve your writing skills and apply them across any field you choose to study in the future!

Andrew Xu

Hey I’m Andrew! Currently, I’m a Grade 11 full IB student at Western Canada High School. English is one of my greatest passions, and I’m excited to share my experience with you. I’ll share one of my tips for success; if you want to get better at writing, you’ve got to read… a lot. It doesn’t matter what you read, be it novels, poems, or academic journals. Read whatever you want, as long as you truly enjoy it. I’m here to guide your learning, but in the end, the choice to pick up a book is in your hands only. I hope I’ll be able to foster that love for literature in the time that we spend together!

course outline

Lesson 1:
● General overview, expectations
● Reading comprehension practice
○ Tips and tricks
○ Practice questions

Lesson 2:
● Reading comprehension warm-up
● Breaking down what a PRT is and how to write one
● Breaking down PRT exemplars
● PRT practice – given an example prompt
● HOMEWORK: finish a PRT – due before next meeting

Lesson 3:
● Reading comprehension warm-up
● Going over general feedback of PRTs
● Brainstorming personal experiences (as ideas for PRTs)
● Given second PRT prompt – should mostly be completed during meeting
○ Finish PRT – due before next meeting
○ Read Chapters 1-5 of To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Collins (PDF file

Lesson 4:
● Reading comprehension warm-up
● Going over feedback for PRTs
● Analyzing Chapters 1-5 of TKAM
○ Study questions, discussion between students
● HOMEWORK: Read TKAM Chapter 6-10

Week 5:

  • Warm-up reading comprehension and Everyday Edit
  • General review of common PRT mistakes
  • Continuing the novel study (To Kill a Mockingbird)
    • Chapters 6-16 analysis
  • Homework:
    • Finish Reading To Kill a Mockingbird
    • Answer chapter questions for chapters 6-16 (given in class)

Week 6:

  • Warm-up reading comprehension and Everyday Edit
  • Continuing the novel study (To Kill a Mockingbird)
    • Analysis of the rest of the book
  • Homework: 
    • Answer chapter questions for the rest of the chapters (given in class)

Week 7:

  • Warm-up reading comprehension and Everyday Edit
  • Introduction to CARTs (Critical and Analytical Responses to Text)
    • What a CART is, structure and format of a CART (thesis statements, introductions, body paragraphs, conclusions, content), marking scheme
    • Breaking down CART exemplars
    • Looking at an example prompt
  • Homework: write a CART for To Kill a Mockingbird → due before next class

Week 8:

  • Warm-up reading comprehension and Everyday Edit
  • General feedback for CARTs
  • Practice for writing thesis statements
  • Give second CART prompt – should be mostly completed in class
  • Homework: finish up second CART for To Kill a Mockingbird → due before next class

Week 9:

  • Warm-up reading comprehension and Everyday Edit
  • General feedback for CARTs
  • Introduction to poem analysis
    • What we look for in poems (or texts in general), reviewing/introducing different literary techniques and devices

Club requirements:

  • Students in Grade 8-9
  • must have the Zoom app

Date & Time

1st session:

Date: March 26, April 2, April 9, April 16

Time: Thursday 2:00-4:00pm

2nd session:

Date: April 23, 30 May 7, 14, 21, 28

Time: Thursday 2:00-4:00pm

  • Club held on Zoom

Maximum number of members: 25


club leaders

Xincong Li

Hi! I’m Xincong and I’m a Grade 10 full IB student at Western Canada High School. I personally really enjoy English, and reading has always been a favourite activity of mine. I enjoy all kinds of novels, but especially science fiction and historical fiction. Since I love exploring and discussing books, I’m really looking forwards to this relaxed (and hopefully informative) book study with you guys! I will hopefully be able to provide some helpful feedback and ideas during this process, and am really excited to hear your ideas as well!

Joseph Liang

Hi, I’m Joseph! I am a grade 10 partial IB student at Sir Winston Churchill High School, and I am super excited to be exploring a text with you in the upcoming weeks! For me personally, reading is very enjoyable, with my favorite genres being historical fiction and biographies. I also love discussions and exploring ideas in an informal and relaxed environment with peers. As a result, I think it’s really cool that we can have this opportunity to read through an engaging text and hear different points of view on it! Hopefully, having completed English 10-1, I will also be able to provide my own distinct insights and support. I look forward to seeing you soon!

course description

This club is a relaxed, five week book study with junior high students in Grades 6-7, held online via the Zoom app. We have chosen a few books that students are likely to study in school, and during the first session students will vote on which book they like best. We will then explore that book for the remaining weeks, discussing the main themes and ideas in each section. Students are responsible for doing the assigned reading in their own time, but don’t worry, it will be a fun process!

The activities within the sessions will largely revolve around discussion and informal exploration and comprehension, as opposed to assessment or formal analysis. We want to achieve a depth of understanding of the content and meaning behind the book in a manner that will be approachable, engaging, and not overly formal. As a result, the club will mostly be an opportunity for students to engage with the book alongside their peers and one of our student leaders, asking questions and talking about their respective ideas.

course outline

Lesson 1:

  • Welcome / Getting to know each other
  • Course overview
  • Reading excerpts/summaries of each novel
  • Selecting a novel/text
  • Forming discussion groups
  • Assign reading for week 1

Lesson 2-5

  • Split into discussion groups
  • Talk about assigned reading section
  • Use discussion prompts to hold conversation about the assigned section

Lesson 6

  • Go over major themes of the novel/big ideas/summary
  • Debate or some other fun activity
  • Summary on the themes of the novel

Date and Times:

Thursdays (April 2 , April 9, April 16, April 23, April 30, May 7) 6:30 – 7:30 PM

MAX Number of members: 25 (CLUB IS FULL)

Virtual Biology Club (1st session)


Phoebe Yang

Hey, I’m Phoebe! I’m currently a grade 11 full IB student at Western Canada High School. I am really passionate about the sciences, especially bio. Learning about the way the world, and how the human body works, is simply fascinating! I’m very excited to be sharing some biology topics that I find quite interesting. Aside from piquing your biological interests, this course will also help prepare you for what you may learn in the future. As some of you may know, the largest differences in course difficulty during the transition from junior high to high school occur in STEM classes. This two day course will not only satisfy your biological interests, but will also serve as a great intro to high school biology!

Sandy Zhao

Hello, I’m Sandy! I am in my last year of middle school, but I have already learned biology at the high school level. Biology has always fascinated me in a way and I hope it will fascinate you too! The way our body operates is truly a phenomenon! The digestive system is also a great intro to what biology is. It’s a body system that’s easy to visualize and since we can often feel and see it at work everyday, its also easier to relate to. Of course, it has its complex parts but it will be interesting at the same time. I hope that Phoebe and I will be able to share our passion for biology with all of you. Biology is always full of surprises!

Course Description

This fun course will consist of two 2 hour sessions over the course of two days. It is a course targeted towards rising high school students (in grade 8 and 9), and will be held online through Zoom. It will serve as a perfect introduction to high school biology while also being a great way to spend your time doing something productive! The main focus will be the digestive system and any related processes.

Course Outline

Day 1:

  • Icebreakers
  • Course introduction
  • Digestive system
    • Key organs involved and their purposes
  • Homework: Draw a diagram of the digestive system (with labels)

Day 2:

  • Review digestive organs
  • Macromolecule digestion
    • enzymes involved and organs they are secreted from
    • passive and active transportation
  • Enzymes
    • how they work
    • enzymes behaviour
  • Short Quiz!!


April 7 & 8 from 6:30pm-8:30pm


  • Students must be in grades 8-9
  • Must have access to zoom

MAX Number of members: 20

Virtual biology club(2nd session)

Jesse Lee

By the time you’re in grade 11, or maybe even in grade 10 or 9, you start to get a sense of what you want to do when you’re older, or at least what you are good at (though sometimes they aren’t always the same thing). When I was on the cusp of junior and senior high school, I was terrible at biology. Since the science courses before grade 11 were all general sciences, only a part of my mark ever came from biology, though my poor performance in it still dragged my grades down. I decided to study biology not because I thought I was going to be good at it, but because I was terrible, because it was the hardest thing I could think of doing. Fast forward to today, I placed 9th in Canada for the Canadian Biology Olympiad, and I’ve led a fulfilling career as a high school researcher through my numerous projects at the University of Calgary and University of Alberta. I’ll continue to do my best, to amaze and astonish. With every word, I’ll drop knowledge.

course outline

Class #1

●Course introduction

●Course text: Campbell’s Biology 11th Edition (PDF provided, but hard copy recommended for future independent studying)

●Diagnostic exam


●In depth review of macromolecules (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and DNA)

●Introduction into biological functional groups

●Diagnostic exam review
Class# 3

●In depth review of cell systems, organelles, and transportation

●Review of calculations associated with light microscopy, as well as proper sectioning and staining techniques

Class# 4

●Review of Mendelian genetics

●Miscellaneous biology concepts

●Introduction of biology in high school (competitions, research, etc.)


April 14 April 21 April 28 May  5

Tuesday 6:30~8:30pm


  • Grade 9-10 students
  • has access to the Zoom app

maximum number of members: 25

Virtual biology club(3rd session

Jason Xie

Hi everyone, I’m Jason! I’m a grade 10 student in the full IB programme at Sir Winston Churchill High School. Ever since junior high, biology has been one of my greatest interests. It is essential to understanding the world we live in and serves as the basis for understanding the behaviour of all living beings. Biology is a member of, and shares fascinatingly close ties with, the three major high school sciences, which includes physics and chemistry. Through the upcoming lessons, I hope I’m able to foster in you an interest in biology, as well as prepare you for high school material. I look forward to exploring biology and the intricacies of life with you in the next few weeks.

Elyssia Wang

Hey there! My name is Elyssia, a Gr.10 student at Western Canada High School! I’m excited to work with you on a biology focused class for Grade 8/9.I love to help others and tutoring seems like a great option for me. My hobbies include dancing and reading. I’d love to get to know more about you!

course outline

lesson 1:

  • Microscopes
    • functions/calculations
  • Cell theory
  • Cell structure/function

Lesson 2:

  • Membrane transport
  • Membrane structure
  • Tonicity

Lesson 3:

  • Leaf/plant structure
  • Climate/climate graphs
  • Water

Lesson 4:

  • Macromolecules functions
  • Macromolecules structure
  • Digestive system


April 27, May 4,11,18

Monday 6:30-8:30


  • students in grade 8-9
  • must have access on the Zoom app

maximum number of club members:25

Virtual Computer Science club

Gerry Lu

Hello. My name is Gerry Lu. I am currently a grade 12 student at Western Canada High School. A quick list of my qualifications are that I have completed Computer Science 35, I am the founder of AI4Youth Canada, and I have published an AI paper with the MIT IEEE Universal Village Conference. But those aren’t important, I love programming. It has been a passion of mine since grade 7, and I am very excited to meet all of you, and join you on your journey through the world of computer programming.

course outline

Lesson 1 – Learning the logic

  • In the first class we will be using scratch to learn the basic logic

lesson 2

  • In the second class, we will be using scratch to build a small project

lesson 3

  • The third class we will be transferring our scratch knowledge into python syntax 

lesson 4

  • The fourth class will be focused on a basic python project


April 4, April 11, April 18, April 25

Saturday 6:30pm~8:30pm


  • grade 7-8 students
  • has access to the Zoom app

maximum number of members:20 (Club is full)

Chemistry Course 20/30

Michael Chan

Hi I’m Michael! I’m a Grade 11 IB diploma student at Western Canada High School. I believe that every student should learn the fundamentals of chemistry, because chemistry has so many important connections to biochemistry and pharmaceuticals. I want to enable students to discover their passions, and I hope that some of the students I tutor will go on to study chemistry in post secondary education. Aside from learning chemistry as part of the IB diploma, I also enjoy playing badminton and I am working towards earning my National Lifeguard certification. I look forward to meeting you online!

Course outline

  • Unit 1: Matter & Bonding
  • Unit 2: Gases
  • Unit 3: Solutions
  • Unit 4: Acids & Bases
  • Unit 5: Stoichiometry
  • Unit 6: Thermochemistry

Course Syllabus

  • IB 2016 Chem Guide
  • Alberta Learning Science 10 Program of Study
  • Alberta Learning Chem 20 – 30 Program of Study


April 12, 19, 26

May 3, 10, 17

Sunday 6:30~8:30


  • Grade 9~10 students
  • must have access to Zoom

maximum number of members : 25

Virtual Math club

Andy Liu

Hello, my name is Andy and I am currently a grade 8 GATE student. I love math, and have been self-learning to levels beyond the curriculum of my age. I finished grade 12 math while I was at grade 6 and now am learning calculus. I’ve won awards in math contests such as the CEMC Waterloo and AMC math contests. I am positive that we can learn some tips and tricks from more advanced mathematics such as matrices, trigonometry and combinatorics. I have also been publishing videos on calculus on YouTube. In addition, I have won several awards in speech and debate including first place in the provincial speech tournament, and I am hoping my combined skills in math and speech can help you learn as well.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB1MgjFdumTR10ihww7EtIw

course outline

Lesson 1:

●Contest practice

●Systems of equations

●applications of systems of equation

●Contest math with systems of equations

Lesson 2:

●Contest Practice


●Applications of Trigonometry

●Contest math with trigonometry

Lesson 3:

●Contest practice 

●Geometry Tips and Tricks


●Contest math with Matrices

Lesson 4: 

●Contest practice


●Applications of Combinatorics

●Summary and review


April 15, April 22, April 29, May  6

Wednesday 6:30~8:00pm


  • Grade 6-7
  • must have access to the Zoom app

Maximum amount of members:15

Virtual Science Club

Sunny Zhang

Hi, I’m Sunny! I am currently a grade ten IB student at Western Canada High School. The sciences and math are my favourite subjects, as well as my strongest ones. I have participated in the CYSF, winning a gold medal, and have also participated in a variety of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science, and Technology) programs since 2016. As an aspiring engineer, mechanical systems have always caught my interest. Whether or not mechanical systems is also something you find interesting, I hope to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable overview of the unit. The mix and flow of matter unit can often provide a solid base from which students can pursue chemistry courses in high school. I hope this course will be a valuable resource in the success of students in this part of the curriculum. Junior high sciences can prove to be not only a stepping stone for future courses as well as a spark for interest in unexpected fields. Some of the things I pursue outside of my academic endeavors include piano, debate, a variety of sports, and robotics.

Course Outline

Week 1: Mechanical Systems Part 1

  • Simple machines – Levers, inclined planes, wheel and axle, gears
  • Force and energy – Force, pressure, energy

Week 2: Mechanical Systems Part 2

  • Advanced systems: Pneumatics, hydraulics, combined systems
  • Application and use: Mechanical systems in daily life

Week 3: Mix and Flow of Matter Part 1

  • Characteristics of matter
  • Mixing of substances (First part)

Week 4: Mix and Flow of Matter Part 2

  • Mixing of substances (Second part)
  • Density and Buoyancy – How to calculate density and how density affects buoyancy
  • Pressure – The compression of substances


May 2, 9, 16, 23

Saturdays 7:00-8:30pm


  • Grade 7-8 students
  • Must have access to the Zoom app

Maximum number of students:25


Hey! My name is Jonathan, I am a grade 10 Full IB student at Western Canada. Apart from a minor obsession with 80s music and singing in the shower, I’m your typical IB Student. I enjoy mathematics, and have a particular interest in computer science.  I have been competing in VEX robotics for 3 years now, and recently became Alberta Provincial Champions. Outside of Robotics, I play competitive volleyball for Canuck, as well as for the high school team. I occasionally dabble in cinematography and edit videos online. I’m super excited to be meeting you online and expressing my love of robotics.

Hey, I’m Ian. I am a grade 10 full IB student from Western Canada. Honestly, I’m not your perfect IB student with 95’s in all courses, I’m just your average high school student pushing through IB. What I do excel at is robotics and engineering. I love making all sorts of things from robots to origami. I’ve competed at the world level for VEX robotics in 2019 and qualified for the 2020 World Championships by becoming the Alberta provincial champions. I’m really excited to be sharing my passion for engineering and mechatronics with you guys. I truly hope that whether you enjoy it or not you learn something cool about robots.

Course description

Curious about competitive robotics and want to figure out how to get involved? Our 4 part online lesson is all about the world of VEX Robotics. Western Mechatronics and Alberta Provincial Champions 210Y are presenting a series of lessons about how to create an award-winning robot! Learn the fundamentals and basics about how to build, program, and compete with a VEX robot without serious financial commitment. Some of the topics covered include: Programming in C++, Learning how to design an efficient robot with CAD, building a reliable drive, and more. (No previous knowledge required)


Overview of Course and Introduction to VEX Robotics. See firsthand what a VEX Robot looks like. Quick Introduction about the teachers.


Programming and using vex code VR. Students will learn: 

– How is programming used in robotics?

– Introduction into C++ – For/While loops (maybe)

– How to move a motor(s).

– How to Program a simple autonomous route.


Design and Q/A (more leaned back) 

– Go over how to create a winning engineering logbook

– Go over other online virtual programming softwares (RobotMesh Studio)

– Discuss Strategies for the 2020-2021 vex game


All About CAD 

– Install a CAD software (Inventor) *will need to create a student account to use it

– Start learning basics of Inventor 

– Creating a project library

-Downloading parts library

-Constraining parts together


May 13, 20, 27, June 3

6:30-8pm Wednesday


  • Grade 7-9 students
  • Must have access to Zoom

(No previous knowledge required)

maximum number of attendees: 25


Club leader

Jessi Zhang

Jessi is a Grade 10 student at Western Canada High School, he’s enrolled in the full IB program. Currently taking Math 20 IB, Jessi has averaged 100 in all his high school math classes so far. Jessi loves writing math contests and has won the silver medal in Math Kangaroo in Grade 5. During Junior High, Jessi studied in China and achieved a math score of 143 out of 150 in the Senior High Admission Exams in Chengdu. He was frequently the top 5 highest scoring students in Math during his Junior High out of a grand total of nearly 900 students. During his Grade 10 year, Jessi was the highest scoring AMC contestant in his whole grade. Jessi loves exploring new and more efficient ways of problem solving and cherishes participating in math competitions and excelling. Jessi has lots of experience explaining math problems as he is frequently asked to present his problem solutions to his class. He is excited to use this experience to work with some of Calgary and even Canada’s brightest students in helping them succeed in top math contests! 

course outline

Lesson 1: Geometry and Measurement

Lesson 2: Algebra and Equations

Lesson 3: Probability

Lesson 4: Number Sense and Data Analysis


May 12, 19, 26, June 2

Tuesday 5:30~7:00pm


  • Grade 7-8 students
  • must have access to the Zoom app

maximum number of club attendees:25

Virtual Biology Club

(4th session)

Club Leader

Riri is a graduating grade 12 student at Western Canada High School who was enrolled in the full IB program. As a student who is taking all three sciences at a higher level, Riri is passionate about chemistry, physics, and most of all, biology. Her many biology related activities in and out of school include biochemistry research into tumour growth at the University of Calgary, organizations focused around medicine and physiology, and biology competitions. Riri has competed in competitions such as the USA Biology Olympiad, the Canadian Biology Olympiad, and the U of T National Biology Competition consistently placing high nationally in each. In particular, she placed 7th in the country for the Canadian Biology Olympiad. Riri is excited to pass on her extensive biology knowledge to other students who may be interested in pursuing medicine, biological engineering, or any other biology and chemistry related field! 

Course outline

  1. Animal nutrition
  2. Endocrine system
  3. Circulation
  4. Immune system


  • Grade 9-10 students
  • must have access to the Zoom app


Tuesday, June 2, 9, 16, 23

7:20-9:20pm on June 2

6:30-8:30pm on June 9, 16, 23